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Hi, I'm Jennifer!


I grew up surrounded by and heavily influenced by creativity and making. My mom dabbled in everything creative, from cross-stitching, to food art, to building dollhouses. I have fond memories of her bringing out the special craft box on snow days and working on a craft kit together. Ever since I've also tried my hand at many crafty endeavors.

Fast forward to 2012 when Pinterest was the hot new thing. (Does anyone else remember when you had to be invited by a friend to join?) I made all kinds of boards with inspiration and all these fun ideas. Most things I couldn't really make as I didn't have the tools necessary to get what I wanted. From an idea I saw on Pinterest, I made myself a simple jewelry holder. I showed it to someone and they said, "You could probably sell that."

That night, ElegantQuirk was born.

I got started on Etsy and assumed I could probably sell a few, but the shop started growing in popularity. People were purchasing MY creations and loving them! I couldn't believe it. I absolutely loved coming up with new ideas. The very best part was when people would reach out for a custom design. Making their dream a reality was so good for the soul! 

I did all this with basically a hammer, nails, and superglue for years. I did the best I could with what I had. Then one day, I got a scroll saw and everything changed. All those pieces of art I had been dreaming of doing with the custom shapes were now a reality. Anything I could dream up, I could do! Now I LOVE making handmade custom wood decor for your home or business! 

The best part about all this, is that anything YOU can dream up, I can do.

Let's make some dreams come true!

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